Vote Jenni Veitch-Olson

March 5, 2024

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It has been my privilege to serve on the Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee for District 4, representing Watsonville and the Pajaro Valley.

I first joined the Central Committee in 2018, and was unanimously elected as the Vice Chair of the Committee in 2023. I am the first Central Committee officer from Watsonville in recent memory. I am running for re-election to the Democratic Central Committee to continue to the work that I’ve started as a strong voice for our Watsonville community in our Democratic Party’s leadership.

As your Democratic Central Committee District 4 member, I will work to elect good Democrats in Watsonville and Santa Cruz County, genuinely work to build affordable housing and solutions to homelessness, address the impacts of climate change at a local level through transit policy and land use, and build a future where all of our children and working families thrive.

I look forward to continuing to lead our local Democratic Central Committee as your elected member and I respectfully ask for your vote.


What is the Democratic Central Committee?


California State law requires every county to have a Central Committee for each political party. This is the local governing body that works in concert with the California Democratic Party. Membership of the Central Committee consists of local Democrats who are committed to supporting Democratic ideals, issues, and candidates on local, state, and national levels. Each Central Committee member is elected for four-year terms by the voters in each of the five Supervisorial Districts in Santa Cruz County in every primary election.

The Democratic Central Committee engages in the following actions:

  • Identify, encourage, and support Democrats who choose to run for public office in Santa Cruz County
  • Conduct Democratic voter registration drives
  • Increase voter turnout at the polls
  • Sponsor activities designed to educate and inform the community on current political issues
  • Charter the local Democratic Clubs that organize educational and social events to increase interest and involvement in Democratic issues